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iBooster Universal Antenna Adapter Cable

Your Price: $34.95
UPC : WA-iBooster
Manufacturer Part No: WA-iBooster
Used to connect Wilson Cellular iBooster or Signalboost Mobile Professional to any cellphone or 3G Modem

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

Our iBooster antenna adapter cable allows you to use the Wilson Electronics iBooster with a phone other than the Apple iPhone. The antenna adapter cable combines a 359909 antenna adapter cable, 971121 FME/Female to FME/Female Barrel Connector and a WA-1029 Passive Antenna Adapter Cable to form a convenient 3' universal adapter.

How it Works:

The Wilson iBooster Amplifier and Wilson Signalboost Mobile Professional Amplifier are designed with an RF/antenna jack on the back of the amplifier. This iBooster antenna adapter cable plugs into the RF/antenna jack on the back of the iBooster and transmits the signal to your phone/data card through the passive antenna adapter (attaches to the phone using velcro). This allows you to take advantage of the iBoosters increased signal without having your iPhone in the iBooster cradle or when using a phone/data card other than the iPhone. When you are ready to use the iBooster cradle again simply unplug this adapter cable from the back fo the iBooster and the iBooster will work like normal.


iBooster Universal Antenna Adapter Cable