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Panorama 3G Mobile Broadband Clip & Desktop Antenna FME Connector (TCLIP2-C3G-035-FJ)

Your Price: $39.95
Manufacturer: Panorama Antennas
Manufacturer Part No: TCLIP2-C3G-035-FJ
3G, UMTS & GPRS clip & desk stand antenna designed to be portable and perform in areas with low signal (FME/Female)

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

The Panorama 3G Mobile Broadband Clip & Desk Mount anenna is the perfect solution for portable use where a fixed mount antenna is not possible. The stylish form hides a powerful and effective antenna designed to significantly improve signal strength and transfer speeds for data connections.


  • Phone Adapter Cable: The Panorama 3G Antenna with FME connector requires a phone adapter cable in order to connect to your cell phone


  • 811201 - Wilson Cellular 800MHz/1900MHz Dual-Band 3 Watt Direct Connection Cell Phone Amplifier


    • Panorama 3G antenna with FME connector
    • Universal clip for laptops
    • Desk mount option



    Part Number TCLIP2-C3G-035-FJ
    Frequency Range (MHz) 805-894, 890-960,
    1710-1880, 1900-2170, 3G UMTS
    Operation Band GSM850/CDMA850, GSM900,
    GSM1800, PCS1900, 3G UMTS
    Gain 2 dBi
    Polarization Vertical
    Pattern Omni-Directional
    Impedance 50 Ohms
    Max Input Power (W) 10
    Length x Width 5.59" x .55"


    Type Computer screen clip or desk stand
    Material Engineering plastic
    Color Black

    Cable Data

    Type RG174
    Length 18"
    Termination FME/Female

Panorama 3G Mobile Broadband Clip & Desktop Antenna FME Connector (TCLIP2-C3G-035-FJ)