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801108 - Wilson Cellular Smart Technology 60dB In-Building Wireless A Band Cellular 824-835 MHz 869-880 MHz Repeater

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Item Number: 801108
Manufacturer: Wilson Electronics
Manufacturer Part No: 801108
Wilson 801108 Cellular A Band Specific Building Repeater

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

Wilson Cellular's new series of Smart Technology In-Building Cell Phone Amplifiers offer exceptional performance without causing harmful interference to the cell site.

Wilson Cellular Amplifiers extend cellular services in poor coverage areas by amplifying both transmit and receive signals. The amplifiers reduce problems with signal fades and dropped calls while improving voice quality, service range and access. These multi-mode amplifiers are designed to offer a cost-effective solution for use in buildings. Wilson Cellular amplifiers are network compatible and enhance the cellular phone user's satisfaction without compromising the operation of the cellular system.

This Amplifier-Repeater greatly improves signal strength inside a building when using your cellular phone. It does this without a physical connection to your phone, allowing you to walk freely during a call. It even allows multiple phones to be used simultaneously.

The signal from the cellular tower is received by the outside antenna and then amplifier and repeated to your phone through the inside antenna. When the phone transmits it is received by the inside antenna and then amplified/repeated through the outside antenna to the cellular tower.


  • Works with all generations of CDMA, TDMA, GSM, 1xRTT, GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, HSDPA on the Cellular A band
  • Greater than 60dB computer controlled adjustable AGC dynamic range
  • Automatic Gain Adjusting in the event of oscillation and/or overload
  • 10dB Gain Steps (35-45-55-65dB)
  • Automatic shutdown on overload
  • Uplink squelch (optional)
  • TIA/EIA-98-E 3.5.1 Receiver Sensitivity better than -110 dBm
  • CDMA/rho > 0.912
  • Wireless operation - no physical connection to cellular phone
  • Maximum 3 Watts Output Power
  • High Power Output Allows More Users on the System
  • Increases signal strength in buildings for Cellular A frequencies
    • 824-835, 869-880 MHz
    • Cellular A band Specific Unit
  • Allows multiple phones to be used simultaneously
  • Increases your cellular phone's range

When designing your system, please be sure to allow for 70' of separation between the interior and exterior antennas (20' which must be vertical).





Example Coverage Estimates using 65dB Amplifier and

Outside Signal Open Area Coverage Distance
from Inside Antenna
Very Good (-60dB)
Full Signal
Too Strong!
Good (-75dB)
Full Signal
Too Strong!
Marginal (-90dB)
2-3 bars
175' or
110' (Driving 2 antennas)
Very Poor (-100dB)
0-1 bars
(Not "No Service")

Antennas and cabling pictured are not included.


Part Number   801108
Frequency   824-835MHz Uplink
869-880 MHz Downlink
Gain (up/down)   60dB / 60dB Max
Linear Output Power   +30dBm
Max Output Power   3 Watts (FCC Max)
Max RF (up/down)   +30dBm / +30dBm
Noise Figure (typical)   3dB Nominal
Flatness (up/down)   +/- 4dB
Isolation   > 90dB
Power Requirements   120VAC, 225mA Max
Connectors   N/Female, 50 Ohms
Dimensions   4.5 * 3.5 * 1.25 (inch)
Weight   1.5 lbs


801108 - Wilson Cellular Smart Technology 60dB In-Building Wireless A Band Cellular 824-835 MHz 869-880 MHz Repeater