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352015 - Motorola Adventure V750 Cell Phone Antenna Adapter Cable

352015 - Motorola MOTORAZR V3xx Cell Phone Antenna Adapter Cable
Your Price: $16.95
UPC : 352015
Manufacturer: weBoost
Manufacturer Part No: 352015

Not Compatible with new DROID RAZR
Used to connect weBoost cell phone antenna to cellular phone

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

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Short, approximately 18" cable, used to connect a Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antenna to a cellular phone.

The RF antenna adapter port is located under the battery door on the V750 (click here for detailed image).  There are two ports visible.  The recommended port is the one on the right side when looking at the phone from the back.

Compatible with: Motorola Adventure V750 NOT compatible with International v3x


When an antenna adapter is inserted into the port on most phones, a mechanical switch in the phone's connector disconnects the phone's antenna and switches to the external antenna. When the adapter is removed, the switch should reconnect the phone to its own antenna.

If the switch does not reconnect the phone's antenna, the phone will show reduced signal or no service unless the external antenna adapter is inserted.

It is rare for this phone defect to occur but it can happen with the Motorola series of phones.

If you are unwilling to take this risk, there are two alternatives available:

  • SIGNALBOOST: This inline style amplifier connects to your phone with a passive style adapter that does not connect directly to your phone's antenna connector thereby alleviating the above problem. This solution does perform better than the standard antenna adapter as it is amplified but it is also more expensive
  • PASSIVE ADAPTER: The passive adapter is essentially the same adapter as used in the SIGNALBOOST but it is not amplified. It works approximately half as well as the standard antenna adapter.

Proper Insertion Procedure for External Antenna Adapter for Motorola RAZR V3 (PDF/Technical Bulletin)


Additional Information - Antenna Port Locations

If you already have a cell phone antenna:

If you currently own a Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antenna, FME ARC Wireless Freedom Antenna or other FME/Female cell antenna, this antenna adapter will connect directly to it. If you have another brand of cell phone antenna you may need an additional adapter:

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352015 - Motorola Adventure V750 Cell Phone Antenna Adapter Cable