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314473-0630 - 75 OHm Wide Band Pole Mount Panel Antenna for Exterior Mounting with 30' RG-6 Coax

301135 - Wilson Cellular Dual-Band Directional Panel Antenna (for interior use)
Your Price: $84.99
UPC : 314473-0630
Manufacturer: weBoost
Manufacturer Part No: 314473-0630
Wide-band weather proof panel antenna for use as exterior antenna in Amplifier/Repeater/BDA Systems.
Compatible with all generations of CDMA, GSM and TDMA including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, CDMA, 1xRTT, EVDO, TDMA, AMPS, iDEN, Nextel

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

Wide-band 75 Ohm Pole mount panel antenna for amplifier/repeater systems. Compatible with Cellular, PCS, LTE 700 and iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC, Mike).

Part number 314473-0630 is a kit that includes 30' of RG-6 Coax for use with the Wilson 4GDT Signal Booster.


  • Directional weather proof outdoor antenna
  • Built-In ground plane
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Designed for fixed (building amplifier) installations
  • Unobtrusive - low profile blends easily with internal environment for unobtrusive appearance
  • Convenient and simple to install

Connector - F/Female, requires the following cables for appropriate connections:


Part Number 314473-0630
Frequency Range 704-746 MHz, 746-787 MHz, 824-894 MHz, 1850-1995 MHz, 1710-1755/2110-2155 MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Antenna Gain
5.2 dBi (700-800MHz)
4.4 dBi (824-894MHz)
4.2 dBi (880-960MHz)
10.1 dBi (1710-1880MHz)
10.6 dBi (1850-1990MHz)
8.2 dBi (2110-2170MHz)
3dB Beam Width
Horizontal Plane
70 / 60 degrees
3dB Beam Width
Vertical Plane
50 / 45 degrees
Polarization Vertical
VSWR < 1.5
Ground Plane Built-In
Connector  F Female
Dimensions 8.27" x 7.09" x 1.73"
Weight 1.32lbs

314473-0630 - 75 OHm Wide Band Pole Mount Panel Antenna for Exterior Mounting with 30' RG-6 Coax