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304451 - weBoost Ceiling Mount Panel Antenna 50 Ohm

Your Price: $89.99
UPC : 811815020547
Manufacturer: weBoost
Manufacturer Part No: 304451
700-2700 MHz, Multi-band Indoor Ceiling Mount Panel Antenna for Cell Phone Signal Boosters with N-Female Connector. 50 Ohm. Built-in Ground Plane. Includes Mounting Hardware. Specifically designed for fixed installations in a ceiling.

Cell phone antennas and amplifiers are frequency specific (more info).

Dual-band Ceiling mount panel antenna for amplifier/repeater systems. Compatible with Cellular, PCS and iDEN (Nextel, Southern LINC, Mike). May substitute Andrew Cellmax in the unlikely event we are out of stock on the Wilson 301135.

This antenna is designed to be used as the interior antenna in an amplifier/repeater (wireless) system. It is not a standalone item and is not designed to be directly connected to your phone.


  • Directional antenna
  • Built-In ground plane
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Designed for fixed (building amplifier) installations
  • Combines Cellular, SMR (iDEN) and PCS1900 frequencies into one indoor antenna
  • Provides a cost-effective solution for high volume deployments and multiple in-building systems
  • Unobtrusive - low profile blends easily with internal environment for unobtrusive appearance
  • Convenient and simple to install

Connector - N/Female, requires the following cables for appropriate connections:

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304451 - weBoost Ceiling Mount Panel Antenna 50 Ohm